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Visual Identity

Visual Identity

Law firm Spiegel Sohmer tasked us with the creation of its new visual identity, the revamp of its website and the establishment of a long-term content strategy.

As partner of the firm for close to a year, we supported Spiegel Sohmer in the renewal of its image and various communication tools to mark the company’s 50th year in business. The mandate included the creation of a renewed visual identity that was more modern and based on the close business relationship between lawyers and clients.

Two colours dominate the new look: orange and anthracite grey. While the orange illustrates the warmth and passion of the Spiegel team, the dark grey, being a calmer and deeper colour, represents the firm’s depth of expertise.


The new website boasts a pared-down design and contemporary visuals that leave more room for photography showing the human side of the company.

Created by us in Montreal, the photos of the firm’s offices reveal a diverse team of professionals who are attentive to their clients’ needs.

All of the content was carefully reviewed in order to position the firm more effectively and highlight its three core values: innovation, entrepreneurship and connection.

A rigorous and dynamic content strategy was put in place in order to allow for the regular creation of articles and to maximize reach. The “Ideas” section of the site brings together articles and thought pieces authored by the firm’s lawyers, which provide useful, pertinent content for clients.

The development of the website was effected in association with Montreal interactive design studio QuatreCentQuatre.

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