SDC Hochelaga-

A unifying brand image
that celebrates the diversity of a district.
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Brand identity

Brand identity

The objective of the brand redesign was to come up with an authentic and creative identity that reflected not only the commercial revival of the area, but one that also focused on the sense of belonging of its residents, both in past and present.

In a time where social diversity is a delicate subject in the district, the SDC wanted a clear and simple positioning that was inclusive for all social and cultural classes. The series of graphic icons accomplishes just that. The icons emphasize this diversity, by representing core brand elements that can be shifted slightly to more accurately reflect the identity and the essence of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. These icons represent different categories of commercial SDC members so that everyone can appropriate the new image to best suit their needs.

In the same vein, the signature “Creative & Authentic” which accompanies the logo, is also modular and can be adapted depending on the nature or characteristics of a particular event in the neighbourhood. The “Authentic” descriptor remains constant while the word that comes before it can vary to fit a variety of different contexts. For example: Lively & Authentic. Gourmet & Authentic. Family & Authentic.


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