Projet Montréal

Projet Montréal taps
Écorce for a new visual identity


Our team is behind the new visual identity of Projet Montréal, the winning party in Montreal’s municipal elections on November 5th 2017. The main goal for this branding makeover was to modernize the party’s image in a way that emphasizes its vitality.


Logo before / after

In the shape of the letter p , a meaningful symbol for the newly elected party, the revamped logo is reminiscent of the tree in the previous logo and evokes sustainable development, one of Projet Montréal’s core values.

The tree’s branches are represented by three diagonal lines, which symbolize the party’s vision for the future, and the rounded typography brings the logo together visually.

It was essential for Projet Montréal that its slogans take pride of place in this new brand platform, as seen on the election posters.

Having already worked with various cities, municipalities, political parties, and parapublic organizations, we have added yet another public-sector project under its belt.

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