City of Murdochville

Creating a visual identity and a website
while supporting the recreational tourism shift.

The city of Murdochville has mandated us to modernize its image. We also had to create a colorful image to attract the extreme sports enthusiasts.

The new visual identity stands out for its use of multi colored curves reminding us of the furrows in the snow left behind by skiers.

“What struck me in Murdochville, is the vastness of the place. Even if it has fewer than a thousand inhabitants, the municipality streets are designed for huge mining trucks, and its landscape has dozens of mountains! Hence the idea of the slogan; Immensely white.”
-Karl-Frédéric Anctil, Founder and Creation Director.

Another strong point; in a effort to make the brand experience consistent, the new identity is declined in different forms, whether it’s for advertising, signalling or webcasting.

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