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New virtual platform

Écorce and Okam teamed up with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts  for the second phase of a major project—namely, the design, development, integration, optimization, and launch of ÉducArt.  Developed by the museum, ÉducArt features 350 of the 43,000 works from the museum’s encyclopedic collection and explores 17 themes and social issues in relation to different school subjects.

Our team was tasked with improving and optimizing navigation, adapting the web platform for mobile devices, putting the project online, and ensuring updates. We joined forces with the museum and Okam for phase two of the project to help increase the accessibility and visibility of the museum’s collections.

ÉducArt is a galaxy-inspired universe with thematic planets that guide users through a series of visual, textual, and video resources.

We also designed ÉducArt’s “My Space” section, where users can create and publish their own teaching activities.

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