Discover the new digital brand
for Group TVA

Kiosque numérique

TVA Group launched Molto, its new digital kiosk/app. We collaborated on creating the new brand, from the search for its name to creating the logo, and even extending to the design of the application and creation of the brand’s webpage.

As a name, “Molto” reflects the diversity of TVA’s publications and offers a resolutely up-to-date image anchored in the digital era. We chose a simple colour palette to highlight the publications in the app and thereby create better recognition for the new brand within the client’s global offering.

In partnership with TVA Group and miLibris, we were invited to participate in Molto’s development from the very start of the process. The objective was to offer an attractive, intuitive interface that would be easy for users to understand.

Molto allows its subscribers to freely consult the content of TVA publications, such as Coup de pouce, Canadian Living, 7 Jours, Elle Québec, etc., on both tablets and smartphones.


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