Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

A digital campaign based on sharing

2017 campaign

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) has retained our services to implement a digital VIP member acquisition campaign during the wildly successful Chagall: Colour and Music exhibition, on display at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts until June 11th 2017.

The slogan “Art is meant to be shared” reminds visitors that a trip to the museum is a great experience to share with friends and family. The slogan is featured front and centre, connecting the different people in the campaign visuals.

Anyone interested in the offer can find out more information and sign up at, a microsite created for the campaign, which ends May 19th 2017. The microsite and Facebook ads have a sleek design with colours that recall theMMFA’s logo. This inventive approach to cultivating VIP membership is aligned with a business strategy that leverages MMFA member loyalty.

The idea behind the MMFA’s comprehensive, flexible membership offer is to make VIP members and visitors ambassadors of the museum. We helped the MMFA develop an innovative strategy and visual concept to generate new VIP memberships based on the theme of sharing.

Since many visitors come to the museum with a friend, we designed a sponsorship campaign inviting members and visitors to recruit their friends for up to six additional months free on their own membership.

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