Stingray Music 2015-2016 international communication campaign
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2015-2016 Campaigns

In collaboration with Stingray’s internal team, Écorce created the 2015–2016 Stingray Music campaigns, which communicated a new, lively image for the brand. Presented to 180 million users around the world, the campaign was available across the entire range of products: on TV, the web and mobile.

Vibes Campaign

Three international advertising campaigns for the Stingray Music mobile app were launched in 2015–2016. One of these campaigns promoted the new version of the mobile application, which included the Vibes channels targeting Millennials, launched first in Canada last July and more recently worldwide.


A vibrant, audacious campaign inspired by the music offered on the app.

Campaign for the General Public

Another campaign promoted the basic mobile app, offered internationally: in Canada, the United States, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Holiday Campaign

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