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2017-2018 campaign

For the third consecutive year, DUCEPPE has hired the agency to help develop campaign a for the theatre company’s 2017–2018 season.

The season’s theme of temporality is captured by the slogan: “Le temps entre en scène” (Time takes the stage). In each of the five plays on the programme, the concept of time plays a major role, practically becoming a character itself. The theme changes depending on the different applications and media used for the DUCEPPE campaign.

This season features a high-contrast aesthetic meant to recall that of a brightly lit stage. DUCEPPE uses the visuals created by our creative team to convey the emotion and texture of theatre.

The artistic direction focuses on spontaneity and movement, calling to mind a living portrait. A slogan on each poster gives more insight into each play.

We also collaborated on the artistic direction of videos and radio ads that will be unveiled throughout the season.

2016-2017 campaign

For a second year, we are responsible for creating the visuals promoting the five plays to be presented this season.

The 2016–2017 visuals feature the relationships between the central characters of the plays, highlighting their dramatic interactions and the emotions of the theatrical interpretations. The integration of icons into the visuals, a new creative feature, brings another level of meaning to the posters.

2015-2016 campaign

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