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Brand platform

Brand platform

We have recently redefined the positioning and developed a brand platform for Corner Cast, a Canadian manufacturer of modular steel structures. The mandate consisted of first reviewing the manufacturer’s brand universe in order to allow the company to distinguish itself and reach its business audience.

We guided the Corner Cast team in determining its positioning—which highlights the reusability, durability, and customizable nature of its products—and concentrating its offering within certain domains: the mining business, logistics, forestry, and the oil and gas industry.


A redesign of the company’s sales tools and website to align them with the new positioning was also effected by the agency to reflect the update. The new visual direction stands out for its modern, audacious approach inspired by the revolutionary products created by this new player in the construction industry.

The visual interplay of lines in the new design is reminiscent of the features of hybrid structures and modular complexes, while the chosen typography, which is bold and rectangular, embodies the quality and solidity of the company’s products. This new, efficient brand platform will enable Corner Cast to connect its message with its product offering, which features a modular approach for sustainable structures.

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