Karl-Frédéric Anctil, president and creative director at Écorce, is pleased to announce two appointments within his team.


Firstly, Véronique Desrosiers has been appointed co-president of the agency. After serving as general manager, Desrosiers will now co-chair Écorce with founder Karl-Frédéric Anctil. “This felt like a natural decision,” says Anctil, a registered graphic designer with the Société des designers graphiques du Québec. “Véronique has been a partner since 2010 and has played a vital role in the company for years. We complement one another and work extremely well as a team.” Desrosiers will assist Anctil with the agency’s strategic vision and development plan while remaining actively involved in business development.


Secondly, Véronique Paquin (lg2, espresso communication, Nolin BBDO), who joined Écorce in 2015 as a project manager, has been appointed operations manager. Having led numerous successful projects and served as supervisor for the project management team, Paquin will be in charge of human resources and optimizing the agency, which specializes in brand development and management.