A renewed identity for Kids Code Jeunesse

Écorce is responsible for the new visual identity of Kids Code Jeunesse, an organization whose goal is to ensure that every child in Canada has the opportunity to learn how to code. It provides students, teachers and parents with the tools they need to succeed in a society that is increasingly centred around technology. The client felt they needed a new visual identity that better represented their mission.


Inspired by the world of technology, the new Kids Code Jeunesse logo makes use of coding notation to create a heart-shaped symbol. We reused the colours of the organization’s original identity since they still expressed the friendly, cheerful nature of the Canadian organization’s activities quite well.




The new visual identity makes it easier to identify the organization and marks a new stage in its development and influence. In addition to creating banners, T-shirts and buttons, we created a brochure to be distributed to parents.