Écorce designs the new mobile application and launch campaign for Le Devoir

Écorce and Le Devoir collaborate on the creation and launch of the newspaper’s mobile app.


Continuing a strong collaborative relationship that has lasted several years, Écorce recently contributed to the creation of Le Devoir’s mobile application as well as to its multiplatform launch campaign featuring comedian Adib Alkhalidey.


Accessible on both iPhone and Android phones, Le Devoir Mobile is the latest addition to the newspaper’s format ecosystem, including print, website, and tablet versions. Aimed primarily at Millennials, the app offers a range of functionalities such as Pour votre info, which features the hot topics of the day; Temps libre, offering journalist-approved book, music, film, wine, and restaurant recommendations; and the ability to save articles for reading at a later date. Based on user experience recommendations made by Domenico Micheletti, Écorce created an intuitive interface adapted to a mobile context. The app was developed by the paper’s internal team.


The launch campaign features comedian and actor Adib Alkhalidey, who presents the app’s features and Le Devoir’s distinctive elements in a funny, nonchalant way, particularly the high-quality information that is now easily within reach at any time. As a figure with a significant youth following, Alkhalidey also leant his intelligent, uninhibited point of view by actively participating in content creation. He invites Millennials to peruse Le Devoir’s rich, diverse range of content that is now available on their phones, this generation’s preferred format. The campaign can be seen on all of the paper’s current platforms (paper, tablet app, website, mobile app, Facebook, Twitter, and newsletter) as well as in digital ads.



Écorce collaborated with LaCroix & Heroes Studio on the production of the promotional videos.