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A new brand image and
packaging for the microbrewery.

We believe that in order for brands to stay relevant and profitable, they need to make a lasting impression by providing positive and unique experiences.

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We were commissioned by the Business Development Corporation (SDC) of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, to design a new brand image that will embrace and encompass the eclectic nature of the entire district. “In recent years, the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district has been experiencing a revival with regards to its commercial offering. Despite the recent arrival of dynamic young entrepreneurs, and a flourishing community of...

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On April 12, TVA Group launched Molto, its new digital kiosk/app. Écorce collaborated on creating the new brand, from the search for its name to creating the logo, and even extending to the design of the application and creation of the brand’s webpage. As a name, “Molto” reflects the diversity...

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Écorce has confirmed several new mandates recently, making 2016 a record year for the company. In the B2B segment, Écorce has been entrusted with a mandate to create the visual identity and adapt all communication for Corner Cast, which specializes in the manufacturing of modular steel structures. In addition, Écorce...

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